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你不应该为了获得学位而停止生活. 在罗伯茨, we design our 在线 programs to fit your schedule so you can still enjoy the things you love most in life. Our flexible program formats enable you to complete a degree in 12-24 months, 100% 在线! They're designed this way because we know you don’t have large amounts of undivided time to give, 但你总是有时间! And that's how our adult students have been pursuing their dreams every day - in the spare minutes between carpools, 洗衣, 菜, 下次董事会会议, 生命活动的清单还在继续. Roberts students thrive because they're able to still live their lives while also earning a degree.
所以,当美高梅mgm平台的毕业生回首往事时,他们可以自豪地说:“我做到了。. 我几分钟就做完了!”


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The minutes you spend getting a Roberts 在线 education will define how you spend all the years that follow. With coursework that is fully immersed in the realities of today's modern workplace, you'll have the unique opportunity to complete class assignments and apply what you've learned at work the next day. 在罗伯茨, you will be mentored by some of the top leaders across numerous industries learning what really works to get ahead in your specific industry, while also establishing a lasting professional network that can take you from w在这里 you are today to w在这里 you want to be tomorrow.


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在网上接受教育并不意味着你要靠自己. 罗伯茨的教育是一种关系教育, which means you’ll have the unique opportunity to connect and interact with caring instructors and fellow classmates through an intimate, 支持社区. The 在线 classroom may look a little different than the traditional ones on campus, 但请放心,你是美高梅mgm平台中的一员! 在罗伯茨, we’ve been helping adult students transform their lives 在线 for more than 20 years. We know what the ever-changing workplace is like, and we see w在这里 it’s headed. Our growing list of accredited 在线 programs is carefully curated to be relevant for the professionals of today, 这样他们才能为未来的事业做好准备.


"The diversity at Roberts promotes multi-dimensional learning in an inclusive atmosp在这里. 它的使命体现了护理专业所体现的整体护理."


"我找到了罗伯茨组织管理公司 在线 计划是一个伟大的适合我忙碌的生活! 我发现它的内容与我的日常工作非常相关."


美高梅mgm平台知道罗伯茨的教育是一项值得投资的投资. But we also understand the financial concerns our adult students face when returning to school. 这就是为什么美高梅mgm平台致力于保持全面的成本竞争力. And with a wide range of options to make your education an affordable investment—including Federal and NYS aid, 军事利益, 雇主学费资助, 美高梅mgm平台的企业合作计划, 还有项目奖学金——美高梅mgm平台努力帮助你最大限度地获得经济援助. Every year, Roberts awards financial assistance to more than 75% of adult students. 因为美高梅mgm平台不想让任何事妨碍你享受你应得的生活.


是的! 罗伯茨是一所支持转学的机构, offering a variety of ways to help your existing college credits (or qualifying life and professional experiences for bachelor’s completion students) count toward your degree. We don't believe that anyone should have to spend time or money on credits they don't need, 所以美高梅mgm平台是来帮忙的. 机会因兴趣项目而异, so please visit the admissions page for your specific program for more details.

美高梅mgm平台知道你的时间很宝贵, 所以美高梅mgm平台提供了一个直截了当的, streamlined admissions process that helps you apply and receive a decision quickly. 零申请费,没有入学考试, 你没有什么可失去的——你最大的梦想要得到.

  • 选择你感兴趣的课程.
  • 完成免费的在线申请.
  • 提交相关成绩单(因课程而异)
  • 完成任何额外的申请要求(因课程而异)
  • After all application requirements are complete, you will receive a decision quickly!

作为一个在线的罗伯茨学生, 你将成为亲密关系的一部分, 支持社区 earning the same degree—and learning from the same expert faculty—as you would in a traditional classroom. Your 在线 education will look similar to what you'd expect from a traditional college learning experience, 但是有了这些区别:

  • 而不是常规的, 现场授课, 你将遵循每周阅读的节奏, 偶尔看看教练的视频, and participating in 在线 discussions to connect with classmates and deepen your learning experience.
  • 对于某些课程, you will have the opportunity to interact with faculty and classmates in real-time using video conferencing.
  • You will be able to complete assignments during the week, around your schedule.
  • You can plan to spend 12-15 hours each week on coursework (or 4-5 hours/credit).
  • 通过你的在线课程页面, 你将获得成功所需的所有资源, 包括Golisano图书馆, 学习中心, 和IT支持.

作为罗伯茨的在线学生,你是美高梅mgm平台的一员. 你是整个罗伯茨社区的一部分, and you'll have the individual support you need through every step of your educational journey. All classes begin with an 在线 orientation that will help prepare you to be a successful learner 在线, and you'll have regular interaction with faculty and fellow classmates for necessary support along the way. 您还将收到:

  • 无限制地访问Golisano图书馆, 包括丰富的在线资源, 数据库, 研究指南, 以及馆际互借的选择.
  • 全天候访问在线图书馆员协助. 如果没有可用的Golisano图书管理员, you can receive assistance from a librarian at another library who will have access to our resources via an 在线 chat system.
  • 学习中心一对一的支持, 包括个性化的学术支持, 同伴辅导和学习小组, 写作中心, 和ESL支持.
  • 从IT部门获得全天候的技术支持.

A Roberts 在线 education is the answer for so many adults and professionals who struggle to make room for big dreams in their busy schedules. 来确定在线教育是否适合你, 美高梅mgm平台已经确定了关键优势, 特征, and circumstances below that can help gauge your readiness to learn in an 在线 environment. 如果你符合以下条件,你很可能是在线学习的合适人选:

  • 你是一个自我激励和目标驱动的人.
  • 你有很好的时间管理技巧.
  • 你很自律,能独立完成最后期限.
  • 你希望在回答问题之前有更多的时间来思考.
  • 您的日程安排使您无法参加定期的亲自上课.
  • 交通对你来说是个问题.
  • 你有一台电脑和可靠的网络连接.

Imagine learning in a place w在这里 you're constantly surrounded by faculty and staff who genuinely care about you and your individual goals, 他们不断地投入他们的时间和专业知识来帮助你成功. As a community committed to a rich Christian heritage and God-honoring diversity, we believe the best education addresses each person in his or her entirety—as a physical, 心理, 社会, 理性的, 精神存在.

Our students come from many different faith backgrounds and carry different religious and spiritual perspectives. 作为罗伯茨的学生, 你可以相信并知道你是受欢迎的, 那就是你的想法, 信仰的角度来看, 和/或世界观将永远受到尊重, 不管你在罗伯茨的前途如何.

不时地, 美高梅mgm平台的教职员工会为您祈祷, 对于你的班级, 或者甚至和你在一起(如果愿意的话), 尤其是在困难时期. 在罗伯茨,你永远不用独自面对任何事情.